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What is the Minimum Pick and Pack Fee?

We have no restrictions when it gets to the size of clients we are willing to work with, but there is a cost associated with running each account on our platform and the support we provide. That's why we have a minimum monthly pick fee. It starts at $250/month or equals your storage fees. In other words, if you are paying $400/month in storage, your minimum pick and pack fee would be $400. If you don't reach that with your pick and pack fees, you would pay the difference between the two.

What qualifies as a "special project?"

A special project is a non-standard task that can still include everything from kitting & assembly to labeling or inventory reconciliation. All special projects should be submitted to your Happiness Engineer, so they can define the scope and provide a quote for the project prior to execution.

Can you handle fragile products? Does it cost extra?

Our Happiness Engineers will examine your products and suggest custom packaging based on on your specific needs. If you have pre-exsiting requirements, just let us know and we'll accomodate those as well. We do charge an additional 30 cents per item for bubble pouches or other fragile packaging.

Do you provide shipping insurance?

Your products are extremely safe in our hands. Once they leave our warehouse, carriers assume responsibility. That’s why we recommend purchasing shipping insurance. The first $100 is free; you pay for each additional $100 insured. You and your Happiness Engineer at ShipMonk can define the details.

Do you offer storage insurance?

When you store your inventory at ShipMonk, you have two options to insure your product: 1) You add our location to your insurance policy 2) You choose to waive inventory insurance Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the setup of your business and value of your product, you can decide which is best for your business.

Do packages come back if undeliverable?

For carriers that utilize the USPS network for their last mile deliveries (DHL eCommerce, FedEx SmartPost, UPS SurePost) the return postage is NOT included in the shipping rate. Therefore, when a package is undeliverable, USPS delivers it back to ShipMonk and charges us for so-called "postage due."


Other domestic carriers do include the return postage in their price so that when a package is undeliverable, it comes back to ShipMonk free of charge.


For international shipments, though, the majority of carriers don't have return postage included in their rate. That means that when an international package is undeliverable, it's often destroyed in destination. Costs associated with getting the package back from foreign countries is so high, it's usually not worth the money to have it returned. Fortunately, however, these cases are rare. When something like this does happen, the carrier usually contacts us and we then get in touch with you so that you can make the decision.

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