ShipMonk's Florida address:

Your Company Name / ShipMonk

400 Hillsboro Technology Drive

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

ShipMonk's California address:

Your Company Name / ShipMonk

3524 N Mike Daley Dr 

San Bernardino, CA 92407

The following guide tells you how to properly ship your products to ShipMonk, to avoid delays, extra charges and discrepancies.

A few very important things to remember:

  • Each box, pallet, or container must have an "ASN" (receiving) created prior to shipping to our warehouse. Learn how to create a receiving Here.
  • Each shipment must be clearly labeled as follows: 
    • "ShipMonk/ YOUR COMPANY NAME" with the ASN on the outside of the box. If the supplier does not add the ASN, please make sure the Tracking Number or BOL number is included in your receiving in the system.
  • Each SKU must be separate in its packing. No mixed SKU cartons. (Ex. Different sizes in different boxes)
  • Each box/bag must be clearly labeled with the SKU and quantity on the outside.
  • Pallets must fit the standard 40x48x50. If a pallet does not fit these dimensions, we will restructure it. This will be considered a special project for which there is a fee.

Extra Tips:

  • Have your supplier add carton numbers on each box: 1/25, 2/25. 3/25, etc.
  • Use product barcodes to identify each product. This helps to avoid many delays and identification issues.
  • Use multi-level packing materials: an inner carton of 12 individual units, a master carton of 6 inner cartons, etc. This helps you save money on pick fees for wholesale orders.