10 calendar days before the ship date: Shipping date needs to be announced. The best way to achieve this is to create the batch and notify your Happiness Engineer.


6 business days before the ship date: All inventory must arrive at the warehouse. This allows adequate time for the inventory to be received, provide the proof and stage for the build. 


3 days before the ship date: You’ll need to confirm how many boxes you would like us to stage (This includes any orders that will ship plus extra boxes to be built).  This is typically based on historical data; however, if this is a first build or the numbers are drastically changing, the build count should be provided when the batch is created.


2 days before the ship date:  A proof will be provided by your Happiness Engineer. Feedback should be provided as soon as possible to ensure any necessary revisions can be made and resent prior to the build.


24 hours before the ship date: All orders must be assigned to the appropriate batches. Once a batch is submitted by the warehouse, no further changes can be made.


Ship Date: All orders that have been assigned to the batch will be assembled and shipped on the confirmed ship date. Any extra boxes requested will be placed into inventory under a specified SKU and fulfilled according to our standard pick & pack procedures and fees.