What's included in the “Box Fee”: 

  • Assembling all boxes needed for your build

  • Building your boxes per the pre-approved batch specifications

  • Sealing the box with a clear circular sticker

  • Affixing the shipping labels to all assigned orders of your batch

  • Coordinating the pickup by the carrier of your choice

Please Note: This price only applies if everything is done as part of a batch. 

The following scenarios may be subject to additional fees:

  • Any batch with less than 50 boxes may incur a Minimum Batch fee.

  • A “special project fee” will be assessed to ensure the items on a batch are “assembly” ready.  This includes, but not limited to bubble wrapping fragile items, folding articles of clothing or marketing material, separating bulk items into individual units, etc

  • If extra boxes were built, any orders submitted after the batch goes out will be considered e-commerce and will incur standard pick & pack fees. 

  • Any Subscription order with a gift message will incur our standard gift message fee.