Since its nearly impossible to forecast the exact amount of inventory needed for each build, it is common to have inventory left over. This  “surplus inventory” can be handled one of three ways:

1. Storage Only - following the after-batch inventory count, the products are placed into individual storage locations per SKU.

2. Selling your inventory thru your marketplace - if you plan on selling your surplus inventory via your e-commerce store, we'll place your inventory into pickable locations so it is readily available to ship. (Friendly tip: you'll still select "non-pickable" inventory when creating a receiving)

3. Create a "leftovers" box. All remaining product is placed in one box and put into inventory under 1 SKU (March Leftovers, for example). This is beneficial to save on storage and/or disposal pick fees. Couple things to note...the after-batch inventory count will not conducted. In the event that you wish to use any of the items in the leftover box on a future build/order, a special project would need to be done to break it down and return the product back to inventory.

Be sure to let your Happiness Engineer know how you would like your surplus inventory to be handled prior to the build.