When it gets to packing your boxes, there is many different ways you can go about it. We supply the two basic options: Crinkle Cut Paper & Tissue Paper. Let's take a look at the options:

Crinkle Cut - Crinkle Cut provides a safe "cushion" for your products, looks cool and is easy to add to any box. Crinkle cut is little more expensive than the tissue paper, but offers a better presentation.

Tissue paper - Tissue Paper is a good option when you don't need much protection, but simply want to make the box look nicer. Folding tissue paper is little more labor intensive, therefore additional charges may apply.

ShipMonk doesn't stock any tissue paper, but we would be more than happy to recommend a preferred vendor, who can get you the exact size and color you need.

Crinkle Paper Color Options

Here are the crinkle cut colors we have in stock and available for you to choose from. (**If you would like to custom order different crinkle paper color, please email us so we can place the order for you. Lead time is 7-14 days on all custom orders.