Sometimes, you'll want to create an order manually, independent of your online marketplace! 

ShipMonk makes manual order creations quick and painless. 

To create a manual order, just follow these steps: 

#1. Log in to your ShipMonk account. 

#2. Click the "Orders" tab and go to "Create New Order". 

#3. Fill in your order information! You can choose your shipment type -- regular, pickup, or a custom label (for third-party shipments). Then you can choose your order number (or allow us to randomly generate one) and verify that these are coming from the proper store (if you have multiple stores). Expert Note: All order numbers must be unique. If you have two shipments with the same order number, the contents of each shipment will merge. 

#4. Fill out your customer address information. Please be as thorough as possible in case follow up correspondence and/or a return label is required. 

#5. Once you are ready to fill in your Item Details, you will want to start typing your SKU or Product Description into the search field. After a brief moment of loading, you will see the dropdown list populate. Click on the appropriate item, and it will be added to the order! You can then adjust the quantity as you see fit. Expert Note: Remember, you must first create the product in Inventory before it can be added to an order.  Once you are ready, click "Calculate Shipping Rates". 

#6. At this time, you will see a table populate that contains all of your shipping options. For instance, if I wanted Barack Obama to receive his Serplus the next day, I could choose FedEx Standard Overnight for $31.84. If he can wait 2-5 days, though, I can save money by sending it via DHL eCommerce Lightweight Expedited for only $4. 

#6. Once you have chosen your shipping method, you will want to review your details and then submit the order for fulfillment! 


This concludes the "Manual Order" tutorial.