Sometimes, you'll want to create an order manually, independent of your online marketplace.

ShipMonk makes manual order creations quick and painless.

To create a manual order, just follow these steps:

#1. Log in to your ShipMonk account. 

#2. Click the "Orders" tab and go to "Create Order". 

#3. Fill in your order information! You can choose your shipment type -- regular, pickup, or a custom label (for third-party shipments). Then you can choose your order number (or allow us to randomly generate one) and verify that these are coming from the proper store.

#4. Fill out your customer address information. Please be as thorough as possible in case follow-up correspondence and/or a return label is required. 

#5. Once you are ready to fill in your Item Details, you will want to start typing your SKU or Product Description into the search field. After a brief moment of loading, you will see the drop-down list populate. Click on the appropriate item, and it will be added to the order! You can then adjust the quantity as you see fit. Expert Note: Remember, you must first create the product in Inventory before it can be added to an order.  Once you are ready, click "Calculate Shipping Rates" to choose a shipping method for your order - unless the order is a "Pickup at ShipMonk" or "Custom label" order. 

#6. If you choose "Calculate Shipping Rates", you will see a table populate that contains all of your shipping options. For instance, if I wanted Barack Obama to receive his Serplus the next day, I could choose FedEx Standard Overnight for $31.84. If he can wait 2-5 days, though, I can save money by sending it via DHL eCommerce Lightweight Expedited for only $4. 

#6. Once you have chosen your shipping method, you will want to review your details and then submit the order for fulfillment! 


This concludes the "Manual Order" tutorial.