I.  Introduction

II.  Instructions

I.  Introduction

Occasionally, you'll want to create an order manually directly on the ShipMonk app, rather than creating one on your eCommerce platform and having it import to ShipMonk.  Most users will utilize this feature when submitting larger, Wholesale orders.  

II.  Instructions

Step 1. From the dashboard, go to the Orders tab and select "Create Order"


Step 2. Enter your order information. You can choose your shipment type: regular, pickup, or a custom label (for third-party shipments). Then you can choose your order number (or allow us to randomly generate one) and select the correct store. 

Step 3. Fill out your customer address information for a regular shipment (you will skip this step for pickup or custom label)

Step 4. Add the custom label (only for custom label option)

Step 5. Enter item details. In the search box, enter the name or SKU of each product in the order. Your product will appear if it has been created in the system (find out how to create a product Here). 

Enter the quantity and price. You may optionally add shipping/tax.

For a regular shipment, select "Calculate Shipping Rates" to choose a shipping method.

Step 6. Select a shipping method and "Submit"

This concludes the "Manual Order" tutorial.