Shipping Methods can be complex because different factors come into play for different weight classes, countries, states, and even cities! 

For that specific reason, we've added the "Let ShipMonk Choose" shipping method option. That lets our system choose the best value / price / reliability shipping method for you automatically, based on the number of rules we've created within the system.


1) How do I start using it?

Simply map whatever shipping method came from the marketplace to "Let ShipMonk Choose".

2) What methods does ShipMonk choose from?

We're using a combination of DHL eCommerce, Fedex SmartPost, Fedex Ground, DHL Packet Plus, and DHL Express. This is not necessarily the "cheapest" way to ship things, but it's the most reliable and economical way of shipping.

3) Can I adjust the shipping methods for particular "categories"? 

Not at this point. We're working on a feature that will enable you to edit the shipping methods for different categories, but at this time, it can't be changed manually.