I. Introduction

II. Instructions


I. Introduction

One of the very first steps you'll take (after creating the products in Inventory) is creating a Receiving for ShipMonk!

When you create a receiving, what you are doing is making it so that we know what to do when we receive your product. If a receiving is created, you'll know precisely when it is received into our system. Then you can be confident that we have your items in our warehouse. 

Follow the instructions below 

II. Instructions

Step 1. From the dashboard, go to the Receiving tab and select "Create Receiving"

Step 2. Select the warehouse at which your product will be received (either Florida or California). We require an ASN#, SKU, and quantity to be visible on each box. Failure to include these will result in a processing fee - be sure to check out our receiving guidelines to make sure that your product is packed and labeled to our specifications. Please also add a tracking number if one is available to you.

Step 3.  In the search box in the "Item Details" section, search for your product either by name or SKU. Select the relevant product for the receiving and enter the quantity being received. 


You may also use the "Import" button on the bottom right of the "Item Details" section to import a tab from excel that includes multiple SKUs and quantities. This allows you to include products en-masse and not have to search for them one-by-one.

To do this, open a Google Sheet or an Excel Spreadsheet. Paste your SKUs on one column (Column A) and the quantity for each SKU in the adjacent column (Column B). You do NOT need to include a header.

Then, copy both columns, click the "Import" button, paste the text you copied directly in the text field on the left, and click "Check data". The system will separate the columns and a couple drop-down menus will appear. You'll need to select SKU for the left column and Quantity on the right column. Lastly, click "Continue" which will lock in your data and "Finish Import". 

Step 4. Click "Save" on the bottom right which will save your receiving. A status of "Awaiting" will appear as our warehouse awaits your product.

Step 5.  You may notice the "Download ASN Form" feature as well.  Once you've created your ASN the system will auto-populate ASN labels that you'll be able to download for your vendor(s). The form will include your company name and ASN number.  Your vendors simply need to add the the SKU, Quantity, and Carton Number (optional) prior to applying the labels to the boxes to ensure that our Team can Receive your ASN as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You're done!


1. Are there any costs for receiving?

All receivings are free unless you ship us 5 units or less in a box (which includes master cases). The reason being is we put labels on all boxes in our warehouse to properly locate and track inventory levels. These labels are instrumental in ensuring your inventory is accurately accounted for and that our picking process is as efficient as possible. In order to receive inventory at no charge, we must receive more than 5 picking units in a box to make up for the labor in receiving the items. Your receivings are exempt from the $2.50/label cost if they contain more than 5 units.

2. What if I sent in a receiving without creating a receiving?

If you sent inventory without a receiving, then we will mark the receiving at ShipMonk as an "unannounced receiving". What happens then is you'll receive a courtesy notification via email to finalize a receiving for that inventory. If this isn't done within 3 days, you will incur a special storage fee for that inventory at a rate of $20 per pallet per day