One of the very first steps you'll take (after creating the products in Inventory) is creating a Receiving for ShipMonk!

When you create a receiving, what you are literally doing is making it so that we know what to do when we receive your product. If a receiving is created, you'll know the precise time it is "received" into our system, and you can be confident that we have your items in our warehouse. 

Follow these steps to create a receiving: 

#1. Log in to your ShipMonk account and go to the receiving section. 

#2. On the sidebar, click "Create New Receiving". 

#3. Fill in the pertinent information for the shipper. We need an ASN# written on each box or a tracking number every box in the receiving. Failure to include one of these (both would be preferable) will result in a processing fee. We also will want to know the name of the supplier and the type of packaging we are going to be expecting. 

#4. Enter the product details. See that empty bar? That's what you'll want to start typing your SKU into. Once you do, give it a moment, and a dropdown list will populate. You can then adjust the quantity we will be receiving. Alternatively, you can import a product list!

#5. Once you do this, click save, and you'll be all squared away. Your receiving will show up as "awaiting". 

This concludes the tutorial on creating a "Receiving"!