One of the very first steps you'll take (after creating the products in Inventory) is creating a Receiving for ShipMonk!

When you create a receiving, what you are doing is making it so that we know what to do when we receive your product. If a receiving is created, you'll know the precisely when it is received into our system. Then you can be confident that we have your items in our warehouse. 

Follow these steps to create a receiving: 

1. From the dashboard, go to the Receiving tab and select "Create Receiving"

2. Fill out the pertinent information

Select the warehouse at which your product will be received (either Florida or California). We require an ASN# and SKU on each box. Failure to include one of these  will result in a processing fee - be sure to check out receiving guidelines here to make sure that your product is packed and labeled to our specifications. Select the "Special project inventory" box if this receiving will be used for a special project. Please also add a tracking number if one is available to you.

3. Fill out your Item Details in Step 2

You should have already added your product before creating a receiving. If not, please do so now. If you need help adding a product in the ShipMonk system, you can learn how to add a product Here

In the search box, search your product either by name or SKU. Select the relevant product for the receiving and enter the quantity being received. 

You may also use the "Import" option to import a tab from excel that includes the SKU and quantity of your product. Simply paste it into the box. Additionally, you can manually enter SKU and quantity in the box.


4. Save your receiving

A status of "Awaiting" will appear as our warehouse awaits your product.