I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Before ShipMonk can fulfill your orders, we need to know about your inventory. The first thing you should do when you work with us is create your products so that they're in our system. 

There are two ways to create products: 

  • Method 1: Create products one-by-one using our "Create Product" tool  
    • Instructions for this method are in Section II of this article 
  • Method 2: Bulk-import your products via a CSV spreadsheet using our "Import Products" tool.
    • For instructions on how to bulk-import products CLICK HERE

II. Instructions

Step 1. Hover over "Inventory" and click on "Create Product"

Step 2. Fill out your product information. In order for your products to be automatically mapped and recognized, the Product SKU MUST be the same as the Marketplace SKU (in your Cratejoy, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. account). 

Step 3. Select the packaging that you would like for your product. If your product is already packaged and ready to be shipped to the customer, select "Slap a Label". (Note: This does not actually imply we will slap your product, no product deserves that).

If the product is to be included with every order or selected SKU's (Stickers, advertisements, brochures, etc.), select "Classify as insert" under "Additional Options"

Step 4. If you use ShipMonk to fulfill your international orders, please fill out all pertinent information in the "Additional Options" field. 

Step 5. Once you click "Save", your product will be created and viewable under your "Inventory" tab

Optional Steps

1. Classify product as Custom Packaging

Classifying product as packaging means that your orders can be packed into this product. Choose this option if you have custom polymailers, custom boxes with your logo, etc. 

Steps to get started with custom packaging:

1) Email your Happiness Engineer and request to classify certain products as "packaging". 

2) Our Happiness Engineers will classify the packaging and setup inside dimensions

3) Choose when do you want to use the packaging:

    a) With Every Order

    b) With Selected SKU's

    c) With Every Gift Order

4) Our system will automatically add the packaging to orders where the packaging is appropriate (the order fits inside). 

Note: You can add multiple Custom Packaging Products, and our system will always choose the best one based on size and type of packaging. 

2. Classify product as Insert

Follow the instructions below or watch this video on how to classify a product as an insert. 

You have several choices for classifying an insert:

  • Include in every order
  • Include in every gift order
  • Shopping Cart/ User will specify when to include
  • Include one insert for each of the following SKU in the order (Ex. ring bag for each ring)
    • After selecting this option, enter and select the appropriate SKU
  • Include one insert per order, if order includes the following SKU (promotional card for the order)
    • After selecting this option, enter and select the appropriate SKU