Sometimes, when you log into ShipMonk and examine your order screen, you might notice that you have orders in tabs other than "Submitted for Fulfillment", "Cancelled", "On Hold", or "Shipped". While the aforementioned tabs are rather self-explanatory, some confusion can arise with regards Invalid entries in the Backorder Tab

Let's take a look at how to approach these orders!

Step 1: Go to Backorder Tab on the Orders screen. 

On the "Backorder" tab, we can see all invalid orders. Let's click on Barack Obama's order for "Socksmith Custom Order" so we can get to the bottom of why this order is invalid. 

Step 2: Check the Inventory Area

The most common reason for orders being flagged as "Invalid" is that they are on Backorder. If you can see that the "Available Inventory" is 0, then the order cannot be submitted. This is because you have insufficient inventory of your the items in that particular order for it to be fulfilled.

The best step in this situation is to contact your Happiness Engineer to verify the inventory. Once the lack of inventory has been addressed, there are two options: you can either reach out to your customer and let them know about the lack of products, or you can ship the more product to us create a receiving for us here at ShipMonk so that we can process additional inventory. 

This concludes how to handle invalid orders on the Backorder Tab!