Most merchants have inventory left over from previous boxes, and eventually end up selling it as one off products. Due to huge demand, we enable subscription boxes to pack and ship individual items to their clients. Here is how the setup normally works:

1) Setup a “one time products” through cratejoy, and start selling them.. When you add a new product, Crate-joy assigns it a SKU. 

2) Once that SKU is assigned, you will need to go into Shipmonk, and edit the SKU of the product you are selling to match the Cratejoy SKU. When somebody orders this product, it will be automatically picked packed and shipped. 

Example: In your subscription box, you had a product that was called "Maskara Nail Polish" with a SKU: Maskara_Nail_Polish". When you create this product in CrateJoy, CrateJoy assigns it a random SKU: ex. SQM434334. In order for our system to know that product is actually "hiding" behind this number, we need to change the SKU of the product in our system to match the SKU of CrateJoy. So you would change the "Maskara_Nail_Polish" to SQM434334. If you don't, you can still map the item manually in our system after orders start coming in, but it won't be processed automatically right away.

Pricing - For regular ecommerce fulfillment orders, the pick and pack fees are $2.5 + .5 for each additional item.

Inventory - when you add the product into cratejoy, make sure you don’t oversell by adjusting the inventory levels in cratejoy directly.