I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

In order for your products to ship, they must first be properly mapped. Mapping basically means that the SKU on your eCommerce store or marketplace is linked to the SKU on ShipMonk's product database. It's this link or "mapping" between the SKUs that allows our system to recognize your product(s) and automatically process your order. If this mapping wasn't done, your order wouldn't process properly and will be routed to Action Required. Fortunately, you have the option to correct item mapping proactively to avoid any fulfillment delays or you can easily map from the Action Required order. Both the Proactive and Reactive method to Item Mapping will be detailed below. 

II. Proactive Item Mapping

Step 1: After you have created your product navigate to your inventory tab and click directly on the SKU or Product Name in which you need to edit the item mapping of. 

Step 2: From the Product Detail page click on Mapping to access the Item Mapping tab. 

Step 3: From the Mapping tab you can add mapping by clicking the add new mapping button. 

Step 4: After clicking Add new mapping you will input your Marketplace SKU and add or edit the product(s) that should be mapped to that SKU within Shipmonk. 

As you can see in the example above, Marketplace SKU SC-Bundle is being mapped to 1 unit of both SC-BK-L and SC-RD-LG. This mapping will prompt our team pick 1 unit of both SC-BK-L and SC-RD-LG any time SKU SC-Bundle is ordered. Be sure to hit Save when all edits have been made! 

III. Reactive Item Mapping

Step 1: Find the Action Required section of "Orders". Click directly on the order number in question under the Action Required tab to go to the order detail page for that particular order. For this example, we'll be clicking on order number 143672.

Step 2: Take a look at the order and make sure that the action required is indeed mapping. We can see under "Status" that there is invalid item mapping for this order, so we can proceed. 

Step 3: Under "Product Information", you will see the SKU or SKUs that need to be mapped. In this case, this partner's Marketplace SKU was imported as WW-T-G-S. However, because this SKU does not match the Physical Product SKU in ShipMonk, the system has no idea what it is. That is why we must map this SKU! As you may suspect, you can do so by clicking the "Map SKU" link which is highlighted below.

Step 4: The "Item Mapping" pop-up window will appear. Start typing the product name or SKU as it appears in your ShipMonk inventory.

Step 5: If you did so correctly, a drop-down list will auto-populate. For this example, 1 SKU showed up in the drop-down list. "WW-B-8". The original SKU was WW-T-G-S. Notice the discrepancy between the two SKUs. The difference resulted in the mapping error. To correct this we would select the SKU from the drop-down list. Once you have selected it, click "Save"

Step 6: You can now see, on the order screen, that the SKU is mapped and the order status has switched to "Processing". In the future, whenever an order is submitted in the system under Marketplace SKU WW-T-G-S, ShipMonk will interpret it as Physical Product SKU WW-B-8.