Hint: You will want to be familiar with "Mapping Items and Shipping" before fully diving into this article. You can read it under the "Getting Started" section of ShipMonk's help center.  

In order to entice customers to make purchases, clear out inventory, or for any number of reasons, you may decide to offer various promotional codes. 

The trouble is, when these codes get imported into our system, you may notice that the orders don't come through! Instead, you get an email alert telling you that the order is under "Action Required". You follow the link, and you discover that the order says that the item mapping is invalid!

Now, from the article on mapping, you know that there is both a marketplace SKU and a physical product SKU. In the case of a coupon, it may come in through the marketplace tagged as "Coupon: AMAZETEAC020". Of course, there is no actual product to be picked, and that is the issue at hand. 

In order to process this order, we actually have to remove the coupon from the order in ShipMonk! We can do this quite easily. In the picture above, you can see an Action column. If you click the red circle with the line going through it, you will be taken to the Deletion screen.

From here, you will be able to delete the item from this order. However, we strongly recommend deleting the item from All Orders (including future orders). This way, any time a coupon with precisely this code comes through our system, we will be able to automatically remove it from the order so your shipment can go immediately to fulfillment and then out to your customer! 

That is how you can deal with coupons and electronic discounts on ShipMonk.