We are very excited to release our newest feature > The Batching Process.

Each Batch = Each unique subscription box. Ex. If you have subscription box with 5 unique sizes, this will require you to make 5 unique batches. If you only have two subscription boxes (basic and premium), this will require you to make 2 batches.

Here is how it works:

1) When you log in to your account, click on "Batches" in the main navigation.

2) Click "Add New Batch".

3) Fill out the required fields:

a) Choose the batch name (we recommend using your company name, month and variant. Example:  July TeaBox Basic. Or July Laritzy Small etc.

b) Choose notification delay. By default emails will go out the same time a shipping label is crated. You can setup a delay (by hours) or a specific day when you want your marketplace to be notified and your customers to get their emails with the tracking numbers. It's a good practice to delay notifications by a few days if you are using a slower shipping method. 

c) Choose how many extra boxes to make > We will automatically make the amount of boxes you have orders for in your platform. If you want us to make extra boxes to sell at a later day, please specify that here. These boxes will be automatically added into inventory after the batch has been completed.

d) Choose Target Ship Date > Choose the date you want us to ship your boxes. Please note, this date has to be at least 2 days after your cutoff day. (if you cutoff date in CrateJoy is on July 20th, the target ship date has to be on July 23rd and later.

f) Choose Customs Value > Choose the customs value that will be displayed on your boxes for customs clearance purposes. 

4) Add all products that go into the box (this includes custom packaging, crinkle paper, stickers, inserts etc. Please don't assume we know what goes in your box. If it's part of your inventory, it has to be listed here.
5) Save the Batch.

To add subscribers to the batch do the following:
1) Click on Orders > Subscription
2) Select the orders you want to go into the particular box (you can filter by date, sku or order number). You can also import new orders from csv.
3) Select the orders you want to add to the batch, and click "Add to this Batch" on the right hand side. Please make sure you are adding the orders into the right batch. Each order can be in one batch at a time.
4) Go to Batch Detail, and click "submit batch". Once batch is submitted, our team will start with the assembly and labeling. Once all orders ship, you will be able to go into the batch, and track each shipment individually to make sure they are all delivered.

This concludes the article about creating batches for subscription boxes. Thank you!