1. Introduction

2. Instructions

I. Introduction

As any subscription box provider knows, it is essential that your customers receive everything required for your box, no matter how complex. Here at ShipMonk, we want to cut down on errors as much as possible while making it simple to fulfill all your subscription needs. Our solution to this problem is Batching

Before we get into the step-by-step process of how to create a batch, here are some important things to keep in mind about batching: 

  • A batch combines *all* elements of your subscription box into one easy-to-use "batch". This is a replacement to the conventional packing list!
  • Absolutely everything in the box (stickers, labels, even the disassembled box itself) must be included in the batch. 
  • Every item must have sufficient inventory on hand. If there is not sufficient inventory, the batch cannot be submitted, and we cannot build your box.

With that out of the way, let's talk about how to make a batch!

II. Instructions

Step 1: Go to "Batches". From there, click "Create Batch"

Step 2: Fill out the batch information and the required fields! First, name your batch. We recommend a Month_Year_Account_ExtraInformation format. After this, choose how many extra boxes you want made. Let's say you know you will have 200 orders, but you want another 20 boxes on hand. You'll therefore want ShipMonk to build 220 boxes. Since all orders will automatically be batched, you will need to explicitly express any additional boxes beyond your orders that you would like built. You will then need to fill out your target ship date! This is the date at which you want all boxes to be shipped. Please note that this is a target date -- shipping dates must still be communicated with advanced notice as dictated in our subscription box guidelines. Finally, please enter your customs value. This value is required for international shipments and failure to include a value will likely result in your packages being held up by customs. 

Step 3: You will now need to add items to your batch! Under "What's in the Box", you can add your products. The product-add feature is very similar to the method used in creating receiving or manual orders -- simply type the description or SKU into the search bar and wait for the list to auto-populate. Select the appropriate item from the drop-down and it will be added to your batch! You will also need to adjust quantity. For instance, if you have two of a single product going into each box, this is where you would address that. If for any reason you want to remove an item from your batch, click the yellow circle with the line going through it in "Action" to delete the item. 

Step 4: The next step is to save the batch and reach out to us! This way, we have all of your information and can proceed with scheduling! If you make a mistake and do *not* want to submit the batch (or just want to test out batch creation), go ahead and click "Cancel" instead. 

This concludes the Batching tutorial.