Here at Shipmonk, we aim to make everything transparent, and billing is no exception! That is why we have all of your billing information conveniently centrally located within your billing portal. 

Accessing the Portal

By clicking the ($) sign next to your name once you log into your account, you will be able to see the portal!

Billing Dashboard

The Billing Dashboard helps you always stay up-to-date with your invoice. From this page, you can see a summary of what you currently owe, printable and downloadable versions of your previous invoices, and even a direct link to "Pay Now"! 

Pay Now

If you want to pay your balance, immediately, go ahead and click the "Pay Now" button. Doing so will take you to the following screen, which lets you select how much you want to pay and how you want to pay, along with a helpful summary to make everything as clear as possible. When you are finished, click the "Pay" button. 

Billing Information

Before you can actually pay, we will need to obtain some billing information. If you choose to pay with an account on file, you will want to enter all of your details in the "Billing Information" tab. Fill out your billing address and even "Add Payment Methods"!

Add Payment Methods

For your convenience, we have streamlined the payment process so that you can continuously use the same information invoice after invoice. Here you can see the different payment methods we support: 

Adding a credit card is extremely easy. Choose from any of our partner cards, enter the card number and the expiration date along with the security code. We use a third party processor (Stripe), so we will not store any of your payment information (for our mutual security). 

The bank account setup is a bit different. You will be transported through a portal that actually connects directly to your bank. Simply follow the links to synch your account with Shipmonk!

We support ACH payments as well in the event that your "Bank Account" is not supported in the Bank Accounts tab! All US bank accounts are supported through ACH. Please read our notes on how it works and our confirmation system. Note that this verification process will require 3-4 days to process and will include a pair of micro-charges as explained in the steps above! 

Note: You must verify the sum of these microdeposits if you choose ACH. You will want to monitor your Billing Information Tab. 

Notice how it says "Verify" next to ACH. You will need to click "Verify" within a few days of these micro-charges posting to your account. Once you click "Verify", you will be directed to the verification screen. 

Once you enter both micro-deposit sums, you will be able to click Verify. At this point, your ACH will be linked and complete. 


As always, please message your Happiness Engineer if you have any questions about how this works!