I. Introduction 

II. Instructions 

I.  Introduction

Here at ShipMonk, we aim to make everything transparent, and billing is no exception. That is why we have all of your billing information conveniently located within your billing portal.

Accessing the Portal

Once you're logged in to your account, click the [$ Account Balance] in the top right corner and you'll be redirected to the billing dashboard.

Billing Dashboard

The Billing Dashboard is where you can see a summary of your current balance, printable and downloadable versions of your invoices, and where you will go to replenish your funds (and/or set up auto-replenishment). 

To see a full breakdown of all charges from each invoice, select "Details" under the "Actions" column. Then, scroll down to review each line item charge.

II.  Instructions

Replenishing Funds and Auto-Replenishment

Your account requires a positive balance in order for orders to pass through the processing stage. 

There are two options for adding funds to your account:

Option 1: Auto-Replenishment (recommended) 

Set your account to auto-replenish, so there is no delay in service due to insufficient funds. Essentially, a pre-identified amount of credit will be added to your account when your account balance drops below a certain amount.

Here are the steps to set up Auto-Replenishment:

1. Select "Replenish" from the Billing Dashboard

2. Choose the "Auto Replenish" option and enable "Auto-Pay"

3. Add a payment method 

See below for step-by-step directions.

4. Finish Set-Up

Choose when you want the account to replenish (i.e. when the balance drops below) and by how much (i.e. automatically fund by this amount). Additionally, you may set the maximum amount of times it's permitted to replenish each day. 

Note: The minimum replenishment amount for your account is $250.

Option 2: Manually Replenish 

If you do not want to set up auto-replenishment, you may manually replenish your account balance. 

If your account does not have enough available funds to submit your orders for fulfillment, they will remain in "processing". Those orders will be submitted for fulfillment once there are sufficient account funds. There is a chance for a delay between the time you are alerted that your account is low or out of funds and when you manually replenish your account.

Billing Information

Before you can replenish your account, we will need to save your billing information. 

Adding a Payment Method

1. Select the Billing Information tab in the Billing portal

2. Click "Add Payment Methods"

3. Select the preferred payment method from the options on the screen

Payment Methods

Here you can see the different payment methods we support: 

Credit Cards

Bank Account

Simply follow the links to sync your account with ShipMonk.


We support ACH payments in the event that your bank is not supported in the Bank Accounts tab. All US bank accounts are supported through ACH.  Unfortunately, we do not support international bank accounts that contain non-numerical values. 

Note: Upon signing up for ACH payments, you’ll need to verify your routing and account numbers using a micro-deposit process.

Here’s how that works:
1. Two small deposits will be made to your account.
2. Once the deposits appear on your account, you will need to input the amounts for the two deposits in your ShipMonk billing portal.

Next to ACH under Saved Payment Methods on the Billing Information tab, you will need to click "Verify" within a few days of these micro-charges posting to your account. 

Note: The transfers can take 2-3 days to appear on your account.

Once you click "Verify", you will be directed to the verification screen. Once you enter both micro-deposit sums, click "Verify". At this point, your ACH will be linked. 

As always, please message your Happiness Engineer if you have any questions about how billing works!