I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Returns, both anticipated and unanticipated,are part of the fulfillment process. Fortunately, here at ShipMonk, we have an easy-to-use returns portal that will make the process as painless as possible! Follow these steps whenever you want to create a return. 

II. Instructions

Step 1: Click on "Orders" on the header. Go to the "Order Details" of the order in question by clicking on the order number hyperlink for that order. 

*NOTE* You can use the search bar on the top right-hand corner to search the order page by customer name, tracking number, address, or order number to find the order. 

Step 2: Click on "Other Actions" then click on "Create Return"

Step 3: Review order information to ensure that you are processing a return for the correct order. 

Step 4: Select the return reason. For this example, the customer changed their mind and decided they didn't want the product so we selected "Changed mind" as the return reason. Then, select either "ShipMonk Return Label" if you need to create a label for the customer or "Customer is Providing their own label" if the customer will be using their return label. For international returns, customers MUST provide their own label. 

If you choose to create a return label through ShipMonk, you will be able to download the label through the ShipMonk portal so you can send it to your customer.

*NOTE* A "Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#)" will be generated for this order. It will be your responsibility to communicate to your customer that they MUST write this specific RMA number on the package. However, If you are using a ShipMonk return label, your customer doesn't need to include the RMA number on the package. 

Step 5: Add the items that are part of this return and the associated quantity. For instance, if four items were originally ordered but one is coming back, this is where you would want to specify that. 

Next, select one of two desired actions for your inventory in the "Desired Action" drop-down menu:

  • Return to inventory
  • Receive as damaged

Step 6: Click "Save". This will officially create the return. 

Step 7: If the customer is providing their own label, you are good to go. If you've chosen to create a label through ShipMonk, you will see input cells for the weight, dimensions, and desired shipping service for the return.

Step 8: Once you have entered the desired weight, dimensions, and shipping service for the return label, click "Create Label". 

Clicking "Create Label will then display the "Download Label" button, which you can click to download the return label to send to your customer. If you think you've made a mistake while entering the weight, dimensions, and shipping service for the return label, you can click "Void Label" to cancel the label you just created, and start over.

You're done!