I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Having to sit and manually input orders one-by-one is tedious and unnecessary. Fortunately, we have a solution for that! ShipMonk offers users the ability to bulk-import orders using the "Import Orders" function. We provide a plug-and-play template that's easy to prepare and will allow you to import bulk orders quickly and effectively. 

II. Instructions

Step 1. From the dashboard, hover over the "Orders" tab and select "Import Orders"

Step 2. For the second "Data Input" step, you will be able to use our Order Template. Be certain to include information for all required fields and be sure that, if you have a customer who has multiple SKUs in one order, that they have the same order number. All other order numbers must be unique.

*NOTE* If the order numbers are not unique, orders with the same order numbers will be batched together as the same order! 

Your finished spreadsheet should look similar in format the example below. You will now want to save the spreadsheet as a CSV (.csv) file 

Step 3. In the "Data Input" window, select your store by clicking on the drop-down menu. Afterwards, click on "Upload CSV" and upload the CSV (.csv) spreadsheet you created in Step 2.

Step 3. If you included the header in your spreadsheet, please select "First row is a header" under "Data Input". You can already see below "First row is header" is already selected and now the only data being interpreted by the system is everything below the bold line separating the header. You will now be prompted to select the column titles for your data. Select the appropriate title for each column. This will map all your data specifications to the correct field automatically. Once you're done, click "Next".

Step 4. Once you finish assigning the columns and click "Next", you will have the opportunity to review your selections. Once you have looked over it and verified that the correct information has been entered and the headers are matching up to the correct information, click "Import New Items". Please confirm all selections prior to choosing this option - after clicking, you cannot undo the procedure.

Step 5.  Your orders will appear in the "Order List"!

This concludes the "Importing Orders" tutorial.