I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Sometimes, you may want to include a coupon, insert, or other small item with every order or a group of particular orders. Since these aren't conventional pick & pack items, and since they are conditionally included automatically, ShipMonk has a price advantaged feature called "Inserts" that can help to accommodate your needs! Just follow these steps to create an insert and apply it to a set of orders!

II. Instructions

Step 1. Hover over the "Inventory" tab and click on "Create Product" On the following page, be sure to choose "Insert" as the product type in Step 1, as this option has a different set of insert-specific options for Step 3. 

Step 2. Fill out the "Product Information" section as completely as possible. 

*NOTE* inserts typically do not require barcodes

Step 3. Under "Additional Options"click "Classify as Insert"

Choose when you want the inserts included:

  • Include in every order: As you might expect, this option will include the insert in every unique order that comes through the system. 
  • Include in every gift order: All orders tabbed as "gift" will include this insert. 
  • Do not include automatically: You can manually include this insert as needed. 
  • Include one insert for each of the following SKU in the order: You can set this insert to be included with a SKU FOR EACH UNIT of that SKU in the order (Ex. a ring bag for each ring).
  • Include one insert per order, if order includes the following SKU: You can set this insert to be included ONLY ONCE per order if the order includes a certain SKU (Ex. promotional card for the order)
    • When adding the SKUs by which the addition of the insert will be filtered they can either be added individually or added in bulk.  If added in bulk it will need to be one line per SKU.

  • Filter by Store: If you'd like to limit the insert by which store the order is imported you can select from the drop down here. (This should be used in addition to one of the above filters)

Step 4. Click "Save" and a pop up will appear:

Choose whether you would like your inserts to be added to all orders currently in the system, or only to future orders. (This can also be used to remove inserts from orders when turning off an insert).

By selecting All orders the insert will be added to all relevant orders in the system other than those that had already been shipped and those currently in Pick in Progress.

Step 5. Once you have made the selection you have successfully created the insert!