Sometimes, you may want to include a coupon, insert, or other small item with every order or a group of particular orders. Since these aren't conventional pick & pack items, and since they are conditionally included automatically, ShipMonk has a price advantaged feature called "Inserts" that can help to accommodate your needs! Just follow these steps to create an insert and apply it to a set of orders!

#1. Log into your ShipMonk account. 

#2. Click on "Inventory", which will take you to the "Product List" page. 

#3. Click on "Add Product". On the following page, be sure to choose "Insert" as the product type in Step 1, as this option has a different set of insert-specific options for Step 3. 

#4. Fill out the "Product Information" as completely as possible. 

#5. Choose when you want the inserts included. There are various options here!

  • Include in every order: As you might expect, this option will include the insert in every unique order that comes through the system. 

  • Include in every gift order: All orders tabbed as "gift" will include this insert. 

  • Shopping Cart / User will specify when to include: You can manually include this insert as needed. 

  • Include in all order that include the following product: You can set this insert to be "paired" with a product. In this situation, every order for a Booya Box will include the Secret Bonus!

#6. Click "Save" and you're all set!'

This concludes the "Creating Inserts" tutorial.