I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Wholesale orders are orders that contain a large number of products and get processed through a different process than typical eCommerce orders. They also go through a more rigid item verification process and each order gets looked over by the wholesale supervisor to make sure all instructions are followed. Thanks to the "Special Instructions" field and the ability to attach files to orders, you don't have to communicate with a Happiness Engineer prior to submitting the order for fulfillment.

Wholesale orders will typically require some kind of special instructions. Some of the most common "Special Instructions" are:

  • Labeling units with barcodes (Amazon FBA labels for example)
  • Packing one SKU per carton
  • Attaching carton labels to cartons
  • Bundling products with bubble wrap and attaching a label (i.e. FBA prep)
  • Pick in Master Cartons
  • Pallet and Box size / weight restrictions

Again, there is no need to contact a Happiness Engineer before submitting an order, simply click on the "Special Instructions" checkbox in order detail, type out the exact instructions (please be as detailed and thorough as possible), and attach any required documents you would like.

Standard types of Special Instructions Orders:

General Overview Video: HERE

II. Instructions

Step 1. Create a manual order, add the address, all products, and click "calculate shipping rates".

Step 2. Choose the shipping method:

  • Standard Shipping Carrier- choose this option if you want the order to go through a regular shipping method 
    • *Note: If the order will be packed in multiple cartons, we won't be able to provide you with an accurate shipping price in advance. The shipping cost will get adjusted after the order ships out
  • Provide Weights and Dimensions - choose this method if you need our team to pack the order and provide weights and dimensions so you can generate cartons labels, schedule freight through your account, get your vendor to schedule freight for you, or get shipping labels from Amazon (all of them fairly common). Once you get the weights from the Happiness Engineer, provide them with all the documents and labels to complete the shipment (shipping labels, carton labels, Bill of Lading etc.)
  • Provide Quotes - choose this option if you want us to provide you with multiple shipping options (either LTL, air freight etc.) Once the order is packed, a Happiness Engineer will provide you with a quote.
  • Pickup at ShipMonk - if you or someone else will be picking up the order at ShipMonk. This is not the same as FTL or LTL. 

Step 3. Click Submit order (this will take you to order detail page).

Step 4. In the bottom right corner, click "add special instructions". Type out the special instructions you want our pickers/packers to follow. Please be detailed as possible. 

Step 5. Attach any required documents into the "documents" category. This could be carton labels, third-party shipping labels, barcodes, custom packing slips, invoices etc. Please specify where exactly you need these (on the box in a pouch, inside the box, etc).

    Warning: Don't include routing guides! All documents attached to orders are to be included with the order, they are not meant for our team to read.

Step 6. Submit the order for fulfillment.

Our warehouse team will start processing the order based on your instructions. If anything is unclear, we will contact you requesting clarification. (this might delay the process)

Step 7. Depending on what shipping method you selected (in step 2), the order will either:

  • Ship with a pre-selected shipping method
  • Happiness Engineer will contact you with weights and dimensions
  • Happiness Engineer will provide shipping quotes

Step 8. If weights and dimensions are provided to you (the customer), you have 3 business days from the day weights are provided to send our team the shipping instructions, so we can get the order out of our staging area. After 3 business days, orders will be charged a storage fee of $20 per pallet per day.

Step 9. The order leaves and is on its way to your customer! :) 

Extra Shipping Services you can choose from:

  • Signature confirmation (the customer needs to sign upon delivery)
  • Insurance (if you want to insure the package for more than the $100 that's typically included)
  • 3rd party shipping account (if you want to use a 3rd party carrier account)
  • Saturday delivery (by default shipments are not delivered on a Saturday)
  • Bill duties and taxes to the shipper (this will bill all duties and taxes to ShipMonk. We will then invoice you based on what carrier billed us).