Depending on your product and market, you may encounter a situation in which your order is not to a single customer, but rather a bulk order intended for retail display and sale. 

These retailers often have their own requirements for submitting orders. We strongly recommend communicating with your retailer in advance of order placement if at all possible in order to ascertain these specifications. Some common retail specs include: 

  • An ASN written on the box
  • A packing slip and/or pick list
  • Address modification
  • Specified shipping service
  • Prepaid shipping labels
  • Custom box specifications

Here at ShipMonk, we're ready to meet all of your retail orders, and our team is highly experienced in fulfilling these requests. We ask that you follow these steps for completing retail orders:

#1. If the order comes in through your merchant account, find the order in your "Order List". Click the order in question. 

#2. Change the shipping method to the "Other (Wholesale / Multipack shipment)" method.

#3. If you are creating the order yourself manually, please submit the order as you ordinarily would and select the shipping method "Other (Wholesale / Multipack shipment)".

#4. Reach out to your Happiness Engineer through email and/or creating a ticket in our Support Center. As special orders like these are typically handled throughout the day in a queue, it is vital to get your request in to our team using this method to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

#5. Specify in this email all the retailer's conditions as well as your anticipated deadline. We can get most retail orders processed within 24-48 hours, but we prefer to know specifically when you expect these orders to ship so that we can meet your expectations. Please note: because this process differs from our traditional "pick and pack" procedure, special project fees will apply to all retail orders that require customization. We are confident that both you and the retailer will see the worthiness of this extra effort in our presentation, speed of fulfillment, and worry-free process. 

#6. Sit back and relax! Our Happiness Engineers will submit the order for fulfillment and work hand-in-hand with our warehouse team to ensure that your retail order goes out in tip-top condition. 

This concludes the Retail Orders tutorial.