As your business grows, so too might your relationship with Amazon. Receiving an invitation to join Amazon Vendor Central (AVC) is an exciting time for your business! After all, it dramatically opens the door to higher volume and it enables the use of A+ content that can improve your product's visibility. At the same time, we understand that it can be a very daunting procedure since you’ll now be responsible for supplying product to Amazon's warehouses all over the country.

Here at ShipMonk, our team is trained to help make navigating Amazon's labyrinth easy and stress-free!

Just follow these simple steps:

#1. Speak with your Happiness Engineer about your intention to use AVC and then provide your login credentials. Every client is different, and it’s best to talk to your Happiness Engineer ahead of time to coordinate expectations. Do you plan on shipping to Amazon weekly? Monthly? What is your approximate outbound quantity? Defining the scope of the project can help get everyone on the same page more quickly and also prevent misunderstandings later.

#2. Place a Manual Order for each AVC PO and be sure that the order is set to the "Other (Wholesale / Multipack shipment)" shipping method. Your Purchase Order (PO) from Amazon will have all the relevant information such as where to ship the product, how many to ship, etc. Creating an order for your PO will enable your Happiness Engineer to relay this information to the warehouse team so that your order can be properly picked and prepared. Setting the shipping method to "Other (Wholesale / Multipack shipment)" will allow for the order to be packed to your specifications. This is necessary because most AVCs require packing slips to be placed in the boxes so the order cannot be fully packed until this step is completed. Click here for more information on creating a manual order. 

#3. Alert your Happiness Engineer. Just as is the case with retail orders, letting your Happiness Engineer know that you have a purchase order pending will allow us to take action. They will take it from there! 

#4. Your order will be packed and staged, and your Happiness Engineer will communicate the weights, dimensions and other details you will need to know to schedule the shipment and create carton labels.

#5. Login to your AVC account, click "Submit ASN," input all the details regarding your shipment, and download the Carton Labels from the AVC account.

#6. Schedule the shipment though the AVC. Depending on the size of the shipment, this will either be through LTL (pallets), Fedex, or UPS.

#7. Send everything that needs to be put on the shipment to your Happiness Engineer, and he will take it from there. 

#8. Sit back and relax with full confidence that your shipment will make it safe to Amazon. 

This concludes the Amazon Vendor Central tutorial.