I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—so many different special occasions mean that many more opportunities to delight your customers with a special gift message! Fortunately, ShipMonk has a gift message option that allows you to easily include messages and bestow "gift status" to any order.

Gift messages are automatically included on every packing slip, but you also have two additional options to add a custom 4in. x 6in. gift card with the message.

Gift Message Options:

  • Include gift message on the standard ShipMonk packing slip.    
    • FREE
  • Include gift message on a blank 4in. x 6in. (100#) card provided by ShipMonk
    • $1 Cost per Card
  • Include gift message on a custom 4in. x 6in. (100# stock max.) card, provided by you and setup as an insert.   
    • $1 Cost per Card

Required Card Specs:

  • Max. stock weight - 100#
  • Matte paper (standard white paper, not glossy or laminated)

II. Instructions

Before starting this tutorial you'll need to set up gift messaging in your shopping cart. Below are links to tutorials on how to set up gift messaging for the the top 3 SaaS shopping cart solutions:

As mentioned in the introduction, there are 3 options on where to put gift messages:

  • Option 1
    • on a standard ShipMonk packing slip.
  • Option 2
    • on a blank 4in. x 6in. (100#) card provided by ShipMonk
  • Option 3.
    • on a custom 4in. x 6in. (100# stock max.) card, provided by you and setup as an insert.

We will show you step-by-step how to set up all 3 options starting with Option 1.

Lastly, we will ALSO show you how to enable gift messaging for individual orders

Option 1. Gift Message on ShipMonk Packing Slip (Free)

Step 1. Go to the top right hand corner of the screen, hover over the "Settings" gear, and click "Stores". You'll see a list with your integrated stores. 

Step 2. If you have multiple stores, identify the store that you'll be enabling gift messages for and click "View"

Step 3. In the "EDIT STORE" menu, select "Include packing slips". Do NOT select "Enable Gift Messages" since that function is for the 4in. x 6in. gift message cards and will be covered in the next part of the tutorial. 

Step 4. If gift messaging is enabled in your shopping cart (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.), and your shopping cart is already successfully integrated with ShipMonk, the customer's gift message will auto-populate the "Customer Notes" of the "Notes" section of their order. The customer notes are included in the packaging slip. Because the packaging slip is free when included with orders, this acts as the "free" method to display gift messages in orders.

Option 2. Gift Message on ShipMonk 4x6 Card ($1 Cost per Card)

Step 1. Go to the top right hand corner of the screen, hover over the "Settings" gear, and click "Stores". You'll see a list with your integrated stores. If you have multiple stores as is the case with this demo account, find the one that you'll be doing gift messaging on and click "View"

Step 2. If you're activating gift messaging on multiple stores, then repeat the steps of this tutorial for any additional stores. 

Step 3.  In the "EDIT STORE" menu, select "Enable Gift Messages"

Step 4. Whenever a customer adds a gift message at checkout, rather than auto-populating the "Customer Notes" section, it will instead populate the "This is Gift" section. By populating the "This is Gift" section, the message will be printed on a blank 4in. x 6in. card and included with the order. If you have "Include packaging slips" activated, the message will also appear on the packaging slip as well. 

By clicking "preview" next to "This is Gift" you can get a preview for how your message will appear on the card and what it will look like. 

Step 4. You're done! As long as "Enable Gift Messages" remains activated, customer gift messages will automatically populate the "This is Gift" section to be printed on 4x6 blank cards for all your gift orders without you needing to lift another finger.  

Option 3. Gift Message on a Custom 4x6 Card (cards that you provide us)


Please be aware that all cards MUST be 4x6 and have a matte, non-glossy finish. Cards that do not meet these requirements CANNOT be used as our printer will not allow it

Step 1. Follow Steps 1-3 from Option 2.

Step 2. In order to use custom gift message cards, we'll need to create a product and classify it as an insert to include with gifts. At the top of the page, hover your cursor over "Inventory" and click on "Add a product"

Step 3. Fill in the prompts for "Product Information". Fill it as completely as possible. It's not required but recommended that you create a SKU and Product Name that references the fact it's a gift message card.

Step 4. Under "Additional Options", click "Classify as insert" and click "Include in every gift order". Afterwards, click "Save".

Step 5. You're done! To send us your custom cards, you'd create a receiving and send them in as you would for any of your other inventory. 

How to Turn an Individual Order into a Gift Order

Step 1. Navigate to the "Orders" tab and pull up the order by its number.

Step 2. In the center box, underneath Serial and Tracking numbers, tick the box next to "This is a Gift".

Step 3. Include the gift message and click the check mark to the right of the gift message text to save.