Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—so many different special occasions mean that many more opportunities to delight your customers with a special gift message! Fortunately, ShipMonk has a gift message option that allows you to easily include messages and bestow "gift status" to any order.

To turn an order into a "gift order," just follow these simple steps!

#1. Bring up the order in question. You can find your order easily by clicking on the Order Number in the Order List.

a. Include gift message on the Packing Slip. - Free

b. Include gift message on a blank 4x6 card provided by ShipMonk. ($1)

c. Include gift message on a custom 4x6 card, provided by you - $0.75 + insert pick fee. 

#2. Under "Packaging & Shipping," find the Checkbox for "This is a Gift." Go ahead and click the text "None."

Note: Make sure your shopping cart supports gift messages and that they are transferred over to ShipMonk just like in the example below. (gift message is transferred from the marketplace).

#3. Your customers will automatically get the gift message in every order on the selected media you selected with your Happiness Engineer. 

This concludes the Gift Order tutorial.