Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—so many different special occasions mean that many more opportunities to delight your customers with a special gift message! Fortunately, ShipMonk has a gift message option that allows you to easily include messages and bestow "gift status" to any order.

Gift messages are automatically included on every packing slip, but you do have the additional two options to add a custom 4x6 gift card with the message.

A) Add a gift card to ANY order

B) Setup gift cards to be printed automatically with every order from the marketplace or store that includes a gift message.

Type of Gift Cards:

1. Include gift message on the standard ShipMonk packing slip.

2. Include gift message on a blank 4" x 6" (100#) card provided by ShipMonk.

3. Include gift message on a custom 4" x 6" (100# stock max.) card, provided by you and setup as an insert.

ShipMonk-provided Card Specs:

Max. stock weight - 100#

Matte paper (standard white paper, not glossy or laminated).

A) To turn any order into a "gift order," just follow these simple steps!

#1. Bring up the order in question. You can find your order easily by clicking on the Order Number in the Order List.

#2. Under "Packaging & Shipping," find the Checkbox for "This is a Gift." Go ahead and click the box and add the gift message text.

B) To turn on Gift Messages for every order that includes a gift message, contact your happiness engineer!


Note: Make sure your shopping cart supports gift messages and that they are transferred over to ShipMonk just like in the example below. (gift message is transferred from the marketplace).

This concludes the Gift Order tutorial.