I. Introduction 

II. Instructions 

I.  Introduction

As you check your orders tab on a daily basis you'll notice orders listed as "Action Required."  These are orders that our system has flagged and that we are currently unable to fulfill.  

II.  Instructions

First, when checking your orders, click on the Action Required tab.   

There are three reasons that an order may be subject to an invalid status:

1. Item Not Mapped

When an order is synced to ShipMonk from an online marketplace, the SKU from the online marketplace may not match an existing SKU in the ShipMonk system. If this is the case, ShipMonk won’t know what product needs to be fulfilled. To fix this, you'll need to manually map a marketplace SKU to a ShipMonk SKU. This mapping only needs to be done once as the ShipMonk system will remember the mapping for all subsequent orders. 

Note: You can also map an item to multiple SKU's or multiple quantities of the same item for bundling.

2. Shipping Method Not Mapped

When an order is synced to ShipMonk from an online marketplace, each individual shipping option from your store will not automatically map to a specific shipping method. Each option will need to be mapped to the shipping method in the ShipMonk system that best suits the shipping method. Like mapping items, mapping the shipping method only needs to be done once because the ShipMonk system will remember it for all future orders. 

Example: The shipping method in your store may be called "Free Shipping", but you will need to map this option specifically to "USPS First Class Mail" as the system does not have a "Free Shipping" option.

3. Invalid Shipping Method

This occurs when the shipping method chosen for the order cannot accommodate the size or weight of that particular order. This also occurs if a domestic shipping method is inadvertently selected for an international order.

Example: If the shipping method chosen is restricted to a weight of one pound or less, but the order weighs more than one pound, you will need to choose a shipping method that can accommodate more than one pound before the order can be submitted for fulfillment.

4. Invalid Address

This indicates that the address entered for this particular order has not passed the USPS address validation test. Most address issues are simple typos that can be fixed by searching for the address in Google maps. If that doesn't help, you may need to contact your customer and ask for the specific address. 

If you’re able to verify that an address receiving the “Invalid address” tag is indeed legitimate, go to the "Order Details" page for that order and in the "Customer Information" section click on "Mark as Valid" next to "Address Status".


After clicking "Mark as Valid", you should see the Order Status switch from "Invalid address" to "Pending"

Note: Currently, international addresses are not subject to the verification process, so you'll want to make absolutely certain that the address entered for each international order is valid.

Once an order has been mapped properly, or the address has been verified it will be submitted for fulfillment and follow the standard order flow.