I. Introduction

II. Instructions


I. Introduction

If ShipMonk is integrated directly with your shopping cart or marketplace, chances are your customers are getting an email when ShipMonk notifies the marketplace of the tracking number.

Occasionally you'll be importing orders into a manual store and would like your customers to receive an email with a tracking number for those orders, too.

II. Instructions

Step 1. Contact your Happiness Engineer and then send them the following information:

  • The "From" email address (the email address the email will come from)
  • The subject of the email
  • Body of the email (Please note that only CSS Variables are supported)
  • Let the Happiness Engineer know if you are shipping with Passport or planning to ship with Passport. 

*All CSS variables can be supplied upon request.

Here's a template you could use:

From: [Accounts Email]

Subject: Your [Account Name] Order [Order #] is on its way!

Dear [Recipient Name],

Great news, your order [Order #] has left our warehouse and is on its way to your address! The parcel was shipped via [Carrier Name] [Shipping Service] on [Ship Date]. You can track your package at any time using the link below:

Shipped To:

[Recipient Address]

Track Your Shipment:

[Tracking #]

This shipment includes the following items:

[Item List]

Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions. We always do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Best regards,

[Account Name]

Step 2. Your Happiness Engineer will set it up on the back-end and send you a test email to confirm it's good to go.

Step 3. Once it's activated, your customers will start receiving emails for all manual orders.

You're Done!


1. Can I use HTML for my email instead of the supplied template?

Yes, our custom email system supports HTML application, please submit using a simple text document file. Please note that only CSS Variables are supported. If shipping with Passport, we will supply a piece of custom HTML that must be included in the text document when submitted. Please contact a Happiness Engineer for this information. 

*All CSS variables can be supplied upon request.


2. Can you create and/ or edit the HTML needed for my email/ embed images?

Unfortunately, we cannot support changes to or building of HTML code to apply. This includes any minor adjustments,  alignments, or additions to the code after the code has been applied.