If you've decided to partner with ShipMonk to get your crowdfunding campaing fulfilled - congratulations! You've made the right choice. Here at ShipMonk, we work with many crowdfunding campaigns and start-ups to relieve the stress-ball that is the process of order fulfillment. Once you've jumped on-board with us, here are the ensuing steps that will need to be taken in order to get your product to our warehouse, and then shipped out the door on the way to your loyal customers:

Step 1. Delivering to ShipMonk: Once your shipment is ready in your factory, contact your Happiness Engineer who will help you find the best way to deliver your product to ShipMonk's facility. This will likely be either through Air Freight, Ocean Freight, or DHL Express. Your Happiness Engineer will always work hard to find you the very best rate for you.

Step 2. Importing Crowdfunding Orders into ShipMonk System: First, export all the orders from your crowdfunding platform. Then import them into the ShipMonk system. Once that's done, ShipMonk will be able to "batch" these orders per product to speed up the process.

Step 3. Receiving Product: First, create a receiving ASN in the ShipMonk portal. Once the product arrives, ShipMonk will receive the product, inspect it, and make sure it's ready to be shipped to your customers.

Step 4. Packing and Shipping: Depending on the number of subscribers, ShipMonk will pack and ship your products within a few days of receiving all the inventory and get it to your backers.

Step 5. Shipping notifications: We'll help you set up an email that includes a tracking number that will notify your customers of the status of the shipment, let them know the shipment is on its way, and also when to expect it.