Type Estimated Delivery Time
First Class Mail
1-4 days
Priority Mail Express
1-3 days
1-3 days
First Class International
6-14 days
Priority Mail International
6-10 days
Priority Mail Express International
5-8 days


Type Estimated Delivery Time
SmartPost 3-7 days
Ground Commercial 1-5 days
Ground Home Delivery 1-5 days
Express Saver 3 days
2 Day (3 options) 2 days
Overnight 1 day
Priority International 2-4 days


Estimated Delivery Time
Expedited 2-5 days
Expedited Plus 2-5 days
Ground 3-7 days
Ground Plus 3-7 days
Direct 5-8 days
Packet Plus & Priority 6-20 days
IPS & ISAL 14-30 days

DHL Express

Estimated Delivery Time
Express 2-4 days

View our Shipping Method Overview infographic to see the full breakdown of carriers including: weight category, dimensional weight factor, insurance, shipping destination, quality and more!