Purchase Orders for retailers might seem to be a somewhat complicated process, but with the help of your Happiness Engineer, we’ll try to make it a breeze.

A few things to note:

  • If you’re processing retail orders through an EDI, you’ll need to work with one of the EDI platform providers.
  • If you’re processing orders manually, you’ll need to log in to the retailer's website, and then input the orders into ShipMonk manually.

Process for submitting retail orders.

1) Communicating Guidelines: Before we start processing your orders, you’ll want to make sure that our team is familiar with all processes and guidelines in order to avoid chargebacks from retailers. Some retailers are extremely particular when it comes to packing the product—everything from label placement to label requirements to SKU setup, etc. You’ll want to make sure you understand these guidelines thoroughly and communicate them to our team before getting started.

2) Placing the order: You’ll want to place the manual order/orders (for every location we will need a separate order) into the ShipMonk system. Classify the order as "retail order" and submit the order. 

Please note: Because this process differs from our traditional pick-and- pack procedure, special project fees will apply to all retail orders that require customization. We’re confident that both you and the retailer will see the fruits of this extra effort in our presentation, the speed of fulfillment, and the worry-free process.

3) Specify requirements: Get in touch with your Happiness Engineer and let him or her know the requirements for each order (labels, barcodes, shipping accounts, packing instructions, etc.).

4) Staging: ShipMonk will stage the order and prepare it for labeling. Then once the order is staged, we’ll convey the weights and dimensions either to you or the EDI system in order to generate UCC labels & shipping labels. These might be provided by you, or by the customer, or generated by the EDI system, depending on the retailer.

5) Scheduling shipment: Once everything is labeled and ready to go, you or your Happiness Engineer will schedule the shipment. Then the carrier will pick it up and deliver it to the retailer. 

The majority of retail orders follow this particular process, but please note that there might be exceptions. Please contact your Happiness Engineer if you have any concerns.