If you are selling on Amazon, ShipMonk can be your partner in preparing the inventory for all the Amazon compliance requirements. 

The main services that ShipMonk offers:

- product labeling

- carton labeling

- product bagging

- fragile item packaging

- consolidation & break down of products

The process for submitting an Amazon FBA Prep order:

Step 1. Create a Manual order in the ShipMonk system, and choose "Other (Wholesale / Multipack Shipment)" and add all the items that need to be staged into the order, as well as the address this order is being shipped to.

Step 2. Place the order on hold

Step 3. Contact your Happiness Engineer, with the detailed description of what you need done to the order. (ex. I need to add the following barcode: XXX to the following SKU: Cat_Toy_1) or (I need to bag all 300 units of SKU: DOG_TOY_2).

Step 4. Your happiness engineer will give you a time estimate on when the order will be ready and how many hours of special projects you can expect.

Step 5. When the order is ready, your Happiness Engineer will provide you with the weights, dimensions and number of packages for the order, so you can decide whether you want to ship this on ShipMonk's shipping account or get Shipping Labels for Amazon. 

Step 6. ShipMonk finalizes the order and ships it to Amazon.