I. Introduction 

II. Instructions  


I.  Introduction

We utilize a variety of different types and sizes of packaging for our accounts.  This allows you to select between poly mailers, bubble mailers, and boxes on a per SKU level.  There are also options for SKUs that arrive pre-packed and simply need a shipping label or are fragile and need to be handled with care.

II.  Instructions

When creating a SKU you'll be able to select between the following packaging types:


1) Poly Mailer - Plastic, white poly mailer.

2) Bubble Mailer - Kraft envelope padded with bubble wrap inside.

3) Box (Corrugated Box) - Your product will be placed inside a corrugated kraft box (with packing material).

4) Fragile - We'll use bubble wrap to wrap each product to prevent damage during transit and use a corrugated box labeled "fragile". This packaging method is an additional charge of $.20 per square foot (minimum charge of $.50) of bubble wrap that is used to wrap the product twice around. Additionally, depending on your product size, you may want to consider custom packaging for the most snug fit. 

5) Slap a Label - If your product is ready to ship as is and does not require any type of external packaging, we'll just "slap a label" on the product itself. Note: If two "Slap a Label" products are on the same order the order will default to be shipped in a poly mailer; if a "Slap a Label" product and another product are on the same order the order will be designated to be shipped in the packaging type of the non-"Slap a Label" product.

Note- Packaging is tiered with Poly Mailer being the lowest tier, Bubble Mailer the middle tier, and Box the highest. If multiple items are on an order the order will be shipped in the highest tier possible. This means that if an order includes one product with a Poly Mailer packaging type and one with a Bubble Mailer packaging type the order would be designated to be shipped in a Bubble Mailer; if the order contained a product with Bubble Mailer packaging type and a product with Box packaging type the order would ship in a box. 


1.  What if you want ShipMonk to pack your product in branded packaging or a type or size of packaging that we don't carry?  That's where custom packaging comes into play!  If you want your order to ship in "Custom Packaging", read the following support article here.