Below is a breakdown of the standard pricing structure for retail and wholesale order fulfillment:

Wholesale orders follow the same pricing logic as eCommerce orders, with few minor exceptions:

  • Master Case pick fee: if we are picking entire master cases, we wouldn't want to charge you pick fees for individual units and rather we would charge you a master case pick fee. Master Case picks typically incur a weight surcharge, but are still very cost effective compared to picking individual units.
    • Please note that to receive the master case pick fee you MUST have a SKU for your master case. This allows our system to easily identify your master cases and charge you the discounted rate for master cases. 

  • Special Instructions: There is a $5 fee for including special instructions in an order. Depending on the size and scale of the tasks associated with your special instructions, your instructions may be billed at the special project rate.
    • The rate for a special project is $45/man-hour and it is charged in 15-minute increments. This means that if a project only takes one person fifteen minutes to complete, the customer will be charged $11.25. If two people work on a project for one hour, the customer will be charged $90, and so on.

  • Packaging Materials: We would charge you for pallets, boxes, and any extra materials we use during the packing process.