Customers and retailers alike may sometimes require additional documentation to be included with a shipment. Whether that be a specific packing slip, a commercial invoice, or carton labels that need to be affixed to the exterior of a shipping box - ShipMonk now allows users to add their own custom documents to orders, and even tell us how it should be included with the shipment!

Here's how it works:

1. Go to the order detail page of a specific order by clicking on the hyperlink that is the ShipMonk order number.

2. Add documents to the order by click on the "Add" button in the "Additional Documents" section of the order detail page.

3. If you'd like the default ShipMonk packing list to be included in the order along with the additional documents, make sure to check the box next to "Include Default Packing Slip"

4. Should the order require specific packing instructions, make sure check the "Special Handling Order" check box underneath the "Special Instructions" text field, and include the specific packing instructions in the "Special Instructions" text field. NOTE: If you do not check the "Special Handling Order" box, all attached documents will be included inside of the shipment.

Pricing for including additional documents is as follows:
A) Without special instructions, the fee to add documents (up to 5 pages) is $1 - then $1 for every additional page after the first 5
B) WITH special instructions, and up to 5 documents the fee is $5 - then $1 for every additional page after the first 5

5. Once all documents have been attached, instructions included, and boxes checked - you can relax knowing that our warehouse team will be ready to fulfill the order exactly the way you'd like them to!