I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Sometimes your vendor will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label, or they will tell you to ship on their Fedex or UPS account. Through ShipMonk's system, you can do both. Make sure you understand the difference to avoid any delays or confusion.

II. Instructions 

For a video tutorial CLICK HERE

Option 1. Custom Shipping Label 

This option means that there is a file (typically a PDF) attached to the order with the shipping label. The order gets automatically routed to special packing station, and the PDF is printed and applied to the box. Please note that there is a fee for applying a custom shipping label (due to the non-standard process the order goes though).

Step 1. Create Manual Order

Step 2. Choose "Custom Label" as Order Type

Step 3. Attach a PDF with the shipping label

Step 4. Continue with adding products and click "Submit"

For a video tutorial CLICK HERE

Option 2. 3rd Party Shipping Account

This option means that the shipping charges will get to a 3rd party shipping account instead of to ShipMonk. This will make the shipping cost $0, but typically there is a surcharge on shipping on 3rd party accounts due to the non-standard handling process.

Step 1. Create Manual Order

Step 2. Choose "Regular Order" and add products and choose the shipping method (only Fedex and UPS is eligible for 3rd party account shipping)

Step 3. Click "Submit"

Step 4. In the order detail, in the right hand column along with extra services, click on "Bill to:" and choose "3rd party account".

Step 5. Add the zip code, country and account number for the 3rd party account. (to avoid confusion and errors, make sure the account number is accurate).

Step 6. Click "Submit for Fulfillment".

Step 7. This will submit the order for fulfillment and ship on the 3rd party account.

*NOTE* If the owner of the account refuses to pay for the shipment, the carrier will end up billing the shipment to ShipMonk and we will in turn have to bill you as well.