I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

With ShipMonk, it's really easy to create an order with special processes you want us to follow. Whether you need item labeling, bundling, bubble wrapping, just add everything to the special instructions box and our team will handle it for you.

II. Instructions

For a video tutorial CLICK HERE

Step 1. Create a manual order and add all products you want to bundle (for each bundle, please create a different order). If you have two SKU's you want to bundle, add both in the same quantity to the order.

Step 2. Choose "Provide Weights and Dimensions" as the shipping method.

Step 3. Click "Submit", which will take you to order detail screen.

Step 4. Click "Add Special Instructions" and type out exactly what you need.

In this case it might be the following:

  • Take one unit of each SKU and bundle products together with a bubble wrap
  • Apply BUNDLE barcode attached to the order (make sure you attach a PDF with the barcode)
  • Pack in quantities of 20 in each box

Step 5. Make sure you attach the item labels (barcodes) if you want us to label it that way.

Step 6. Our Team will pick and pack the order based on your instructions and provide you with the weights and dimensions of the kitted project.

Step 7. You can in turn provide back the carton labels or shipping instructions.

Step 8. The order ships out.

*NOTE* If the kitting and bundling takes more than 1 hour, it would be considered special project and our team will provide you an estimate for completion, the standard 48 hour timeline for wholesale orders wouldn't apply in this case.