I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

Shipping to big box retailers might be scary, but ShipMonk makes the process seamless and nearly automated. With ShipMonk, it's really easy to create an order with special process you want us to follow. Whether you need item labeling, bundling, bubble wrapping, just add everything to the special instructions box and our team will handle it for you.

II. Instructions

For a video tutorial CLICK HERE

Step 1. Create a manual order and add all products you want to pick and ship to the vendor

Step 2. Choose "Provide Weights and Dimensions" as the shipping method.

Step 3. Click "Submit", which will take you to order detail screen.

Step 4. Click "Add Special Instructions" and type out exactly what you need us to follow (typically these are guidelines by the vendor). Make sure you summarize the guidelines for our team

  • Max 4 SKU per carton
  • Max weight 50lbs
  • Carton labels need to be attached to top right corner on the longest side of the box
  • Use reinforced tape
  • Max pallet height 55 inches
  • Max SKU's per pallets 20

Step 5. Make sure you attach anything we might need (typically carton and shipping labels are provided AFTER we let you know the weights and dims)

Step 6. Our team will pick and pack the order based on your instructions and provide you with the weights and dimensions of the order (boxes and pallets and SKU's).

Step 7. You can in turn provide back the carton labels or shipping instructions (typically you will use an EDI system provider like SPS or LogicBroker, where it will generate carton labels for you based on the information you put in).

Step 8. Our team will apply the labels and follow any additional instructions you will provide us.

Step 9. The order ships out.

*NOTE* Don't send long routing and packing guidelines by the Vendor, our team doesn't have the capability of going through it and understanding what the requirements are. You would want to read through these and provide us with a summarized list of the most important points. They are all typically very similar, but please be as specific as possible.