Classify product as Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging is a good way to customize the delivery experience, and thanks to our smart internal algorithm, you can use custom packaging for all ShipMonk orders. You can also setup multiple custom packaging types! 

Classifying product as "custom packaging" means that your orders can be packed into it. 

Steps to get started with custom packaging:

1) Email your Happiness Engineer and request to classify certain products as "packaging" 

2) Our Happiness Engineers will classify the packaging and setup inside dimensions

3) Choose when do you want to use the packaging:

    a) With Every Order

    b) With Selected SKU's

    c) With Every Gift Order

4) Our system will automatically add the packaging to orders where the packaging is appropriate (the order fits inside and is the right type. ex. bubble mailer). 

Note: You can add multiple Custom Packaging Products, and our system will always choose the best one based on size and type of packaging

Custom Packaging is charged as additional pick with every order.