If you are shipping subscription boxes with an economy shipping method, it might be a good idea to delay the shipping notification to your marketplace, so customers get the email with their tracking numbers few days AFTER the actual box ships.


So that they are not disappointed that it will take 6 days for them to get their box, rather it will only take 3 days, because you delayed the shipping notification email.

Good practices:

- it's a good idea to delay the shipping notifications by 48 - 72 hours. 

- it's good to have inventory early, so Shipmonk can pack your boxes and ship them earlier, so customers get it at their expected date

- always make sure your customers get the email with the tracking number BEFORE you charge their credit card for next month (if you don't, it leads to a lot of customer service issues)

How do you setup a delay?

Option 1: Setting it directly for each batch

1) Create new batch, and choose the delay in Step 1.

2) You can choose whether you want to delay it by:

-  a specific number of hours (delay by 48 hours for example)

- send the notification at a specific time (on the 28th of July for example)

3) Save the batch.

Option 2: Setting up shipping notification delay for a store: (this only works for ecommerce orders, batch settings with always override this)

1) Go to Settings

2) Go to "Stores"

3) Choose the store for which you want to setup the shipping notification delay and click "view"

4) Edit the "Delay marketplace notification". And add how many minuted you want to delay the notification emails by.

5) Click Save