I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction 

What is a Master Case?

A Master Case is a handling unit containing multiple smaller inner packs (called multi-pack units) of the same item. A master case has it's own SKU and in our system is considered it's own individual product

In our system, ShipMonk considers a master case its own handling unit with its own SKU.  As previously mentioned, within each master case are multi-pack units, or the quantity of inventory within each carton. Creating SKUs for master cases ensures that when we receive them, that we never open them up to remove inventory. 

*NOTE* if you want to offer master cases of varying sizes with varying quantities of multi-pack units, each master case size would need to be made as a separate SKU.  

Here's an Example:

Josh runs an e-commerce store selling iPhone cases. He sells them individually to e-commerce consumers and fulfills through ShipMonk. His fastest moving item is a black, carbon fiber iPhone 8 case and his SKU is black-carbon-iphone-8-case.

When someone places an order for the SKU black-carbon-iphone-8-case, ShipMonk will pick one iPhone case from a bin location and send it to the customer.

Josh, however, has recently reached a deal with a major retailer and is now doing wholesale & retail. To consolidate inventory and increase efficiency, Josh has created several SKUs of master case sizes. Josh has a wholesale portal where retailers and wholesale clients can order in multiples of 64 in a total of 3 master case sizes. Each size corresponds to its own SKU.

black-carbon-iphone-8-case-64-units is the SKU for one master case containing 64 multi-pack units

black-carbon-iphone-8-case-128-units is the SKU for one master case containing 128 multi-pack units

black-carbon-iphone-8-case-256-units is the SKU for one master case containing 256 multi-pack units

Notice how each multi-pack quantity-size has its own SKU. For each of the above three SKUs, ShipMonk will know never to open the master cases and remove individual units. Each SKU is considered an individual handling unit and will be stored & treated as such.

II. Instructions

Step 1. Hover your cursor over "Inventory" at the top of the page, and click "Add Product"

Step 2. Fill in the prompts in "Product Information". While not required, it's recommended that you give your "Product SKU" and your "Product Name" a name that would indicate that it's a master case. Notice the sample product name and SKU in the picture below for reference. 

Step 3. Above "Width" in the dimensions, click "Master Case"

Step 4. Enter in the amount of units per case in the "Multi-pack Units" section. For this example, there are 6 Rolex watches per Master Case.

Step 5. Click "Save" and you're done!