I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction


In order for ShipMonk to process your orders, we require that you map the shipping options you offer to your customer at checkout on your store (Free Shipping, Standard Shipping, Rush Shipping, etc, are some examples) to the couriers and methods we have available (DHL eCommerce Expedited, USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Smart Post, etc.)

While ShipMonk CAN recommend couriers and methods for each of your shipping options, we won't do so unless you manually select for us to do that. We want to make sure you have the freedom and flexibility to choose the couriers and methods that best reflect the needs of your business.

For this support document, we will be providing instructions on how to map your shipping options using the example shipping methods in the chart below. These would display on a hypothetical eCommerce store at checkout to customers. Your shipping methods might look similar or very different but either way the mapping process is universal to any stores needs and can be adjusted to your liking. 


Delivery Time
Cost to Customer
Free Shipping (all U.S. orders)
6-9 days
2-5 days
Domestic Express
Domestic Overnight (9am Delivery)
Next day at 9am
Domestic Overnight (12pm Delivery)
Next day at 12pm
Domestic Overnight (End of Day Delivery)
Next day at end of day
International Economy
10-20 days
International Express
2-4 days

If you want a detailed explanation for each method and our recommendation on what would work best for your storefront, visit our blog article on the subject.

II. Instructions

There are two methods you can use to map shipping: 

1. The proactive method in which you map the shipping settings BEFORE you receive orders

2. The reactive method where you map AFTER you receive orders

We will cover both methods in this set of instructions. 

1. Proactive Method

Step 1. Hover over the settings gear at the top-right hand portion of the page and click "Stores". Find your store and click "View" to expand the settings for that store.

Step 2. Scroll down to the "Shipping Mapping" section 

Step 3. Click "Add new". Type the name of your first shipping option in the "Requested shipping service from marketplace" section EXACTLY as it would appear in your checkout page. It must be identical for our system to map it properly. 

For these instructions, please remember to reference the chart in the Introduction section for the example options we'll be using. We'll be starting with Free Shipping (all U.S. orders). Notice how it's entered in verbatim as it's displayed in the chart. 

Step 4. Choose your primary and secondary couriers and methods. For this example we chose DHL eCommerce Light Weight Expedited (0-16oz) as our primary and Fedex Smart Post as our secondary. We're leaving "International" and "Outlying Islands" alone because this shipping option is only available to Domestic U.S. orders. 

We consider DHL eCommerce to be the most economical and efficient for orders weighing a pound or less. Should the item be more than a pound, it would automatically default to Fedex Smart Post.  

Also, notice the circle with the dot in the center next to the toolbar for "DHL eCommerce Light Weight Expedited (0-16oz)". This is the selector to "Prioritize" a certain shipping method. Please click this button for your primary shipping method. This way we know to use it by default. 



Please note if you clicked on "Let ShipMonk Choose", we will choose the most economical methods automatically for Domestic, International, and Outlying Islands. 

Step 5. Click "Apply" and your shipping option will be mapped and show up in the table below. To make changes, you can click "Edit".

Step 6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each Shipping Option you offer.  

Step 7. You're done! Should you ever change or add another shipping option to your store please follow steps 1-5 again to properly map it. 

2. Reactive Method 

Step 1. Hover over "Orders" and click "Action Required" 

Step 2. Find orders that say "Invalid or not chosen shipping method" under "Order Status" and click on the "Order Number" for one of those orders. For this set of instructions, we'll be clicking on order number 276447 which is highlighted in yellow. 

Step 3. Scroll down to "Packaging and Shipping". Notice how "Requested Shipping Service" is outlined and in bold. That signifies that a change needs to be made. In this case, we need to map "Express Shipping" to a courier and method because it hasn't been done and therefore the order fulfillment has been delayed. 

Step 4. In the pop-up window select your primary and backup methods and click "Apply"

You'll now notice next to "Shipping Service" that it shows the primary method you've chosen in the pop-up window. Now that the method is selected in ShipMonk for the Requested Shipping Service, the system will automatically apply that method to the current and future orders with the same Requested Shipping Service.

Also, at the top of the page where it says "Status", the status of that order would have changed to "Processing" indicating that the changes were successful and the order is now being processed for fulfillment. 

Step 5. You're done! Follow steps 1-4 if necessary for any other orders in "Action Required" that display "Invalid or not chosen shipping method"