I. Introduction 

II. Instructions 


I.  Introduction

Welcome to ShipMonk!  Prior to fulfilling your orders, we ask that you set up your ShipMonk account and "Request to Go Live."  This article will provide you with some insight into things that our team will look at prior to approving your request to ensure that the initial fulfillment process is as smooth as possible.  

II.  Instructions

If you see this button at the top right-hand corner of your ShipMonk app portal, it means that your account isn't live yet, and therefore, we cannot start fulfilling orders. 

Before you go live there are a few mandatory tasks that need to be completed. These levels of quality control exist to ensure that your account is accurate, properly integrated with your eCommerce platform, and free of any costly issues. After you request to go live, you'll receive an email entitled "Welcome to ShipMonk" from a Support Manager that will have reviewed your account.  They'll provide feedback, check to make sure that all the information that you've entered is accurate, and will either approve your account or request that you update some things.  

Below is a list of the 5 steps you'll need to take before going live:

  • Add Your Company Address
    • To add your company address, please visit the billing portal and add your billing address
  • Set Up Billing Information
  • Create or Import Products
    • CLICK HERE to learn how to add individual products
    • CLICK HERE to learn how to import products
    • CLICK HERE to learn how to import your products directly from Shopify 
  • Create Your First Receiving
  • Integrate your Store

When finished with the above tasks, click on the "Request to Go Live" button and you'll be prompted with the window below confirming that you want to go live. 

As mentioned in the window, another reason we do a review process is to ensure that old orders from your store don't sync into your account and get fulfilled. 

Here are some other things to consider prior to requesting to go live...

Barcodes:  If you do not have barcodes entered for your products, this is perfectly fine, BUT if your products have barcodes you should add them as an extra layer of quality control. We require pickers to scan the barcodes when they are picking product (if it has one)

Your Store isn't Integrated: If you currently only have a manual store set up, you'll want to integrate your shopping cart or marketplace. This is absolutely essential as we will not be able to receive and process your orders until your store is properly integrated.  

Simply, hover over the gear icon on the top right corner of the account, select "Stores," and click "Integrate Store or Marketplace". You'll be redirected to fill out the integration form and our developers will sync your accounts within 24 business hours. Once your store is integrated, orders will automatically get imported to ShipMonk. We also want to double-check that there weren't any old orders from your store that weren't marked as shipped (if so, we would reship them)

Customs value = 0: If the customs value of your products is 0, that's fine if you are only selling in the United States. If you're planning on shipping internationally you'll need to add an accurate customs value to calculate duties and taxes. This should be the retail price of the product. 

Customs value too low/high: If your customs values appear to be too low/high, we will reach out to you. The reason we do this is that your international customers will have to pay customs and duties, which are calculated from the customs value listed on the commercial invoice.

Unmapped shipping methods: If you haven't mapped the shipping methods from your shopping cart to the available methods in ShipMonk, you'll NEED to do this before fulfilling orders.  Without shipping methods mapped we won't be able to ship any of your orders (they'll be listed as Action Required).  We also prefer to review this ahead of time to ensure that what you are billing customers aligns with what ShipMonk is billing you.  

Missing shipping methods from their store: You need to add shipping options for your customers to choose from. Here's an explanation from our blog on how to set up shipping options in your store.


1.  When I request to go live, how long will it take to receive an email confirming that my request has been reviewed?

The turnaround time for the review process is 1 business day. After which your account will either be approved or you'll receive feedback on necessary changes to your account that must be made before the approval process can be completed.