Also be sure to read our support document on Inventory Types

Read more about each status below or watch this video that explains the statuses and order flow.


There is a submit delay for both manual and shopping cart orders of about 20 minutes. Orders will automatically submit for fulfillment after the allotted time or you have the option to Submit for Fulfillment on your own if you wish to expedite the process. 

Orders will be stuck in Processing if your account is overdue on a payment. Once you add funds into your account it will automatically release frozen orders from Processing.

Here's where things can get confusing, if you manually place an order in processing it will stay there indefinitely. Only orders imported from your shopping cart (or manual orders placed through ShipMonk) will get automatically submitted after the allotted time. The reason why we have this function is if you place the order in processing it will allocate inventory to that order. This way you do not run the risk of selling inventory for an order you essentially want to put On Hold.

On Hold

This status indicates an order that has been paused for fulfillment. While an order is on hold, inventory will not be allocated towards it (so, other orders that come in after this particular one will take priority).

You may place an order on hold if they are not ready for it to be picked, or if they wish to verify an address or modify the order (add/remove SKUs, change customer information, etc.)

Action Required

This will appear if there is an error with the order. These often include item mapping, shipping mapping, and incomplete address. The error will be highlighted in orange.

Some accounts intentionally do not map a shipping method or items as they do not want those orders to be fulfilled automatically.

Submitted for Fulfillment

A straightforward status that means the order is ready to be picked and processed.

Pick in Progress

The order is currently being fulfilled and can no longer be edited or cancelled.


Once an order has been picked and set on the conveyor, it will be scanned as Shipped. Ultimately, the order will say Shipped with a blue hyperlink to its tracking page by day's end.


You do not possess enough stock to fulfill all the orders for a certain SKU it will enter the backordered tab.

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