I. Introduction

II. Instructions



I. Introduction

We know how important building your brand is and custom packaging is an amazing opportunity that can greatly enhance your customer’s perception of your product and brand.

After setting up your custom packaging, our system will know exactly when to use your custom packaging through a combination of rules set by you, as well as an algorithm that takes into consideration the volume of your order and the volume of your packaging. 

II. Instructions

*NOTE* this process will take up to 5 business days and any orders impacted by this timeline should be put on hold 

Step 1. If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of custom packaging, please reach out to with the packaging type and dimensions. We will review this and ensure the packaging type you are interested in is supported by our warehouse automation. Once approved, move forward with the steps below. 

Step 2. Custom Packaging behaves like any another product in our system and your initial step to set up custom packaging will be to create a product for your custom packaging (or multiple products if you have more than one type of custom packaging).

Step 3. After creating a product for your packaging, you'll need to email your Happiness Engineer and request to enable custom packaging. Once the request has been received, we will go into the system and designate that product as "Packaging"

Step 4. In the "Product Detail" section for any of your products, please make sure that the packaging type selected for your products matches the custom packaging you want them placed in (If you want your product to be placed in bubble mailer custom packaging, you will select "Bubble Mailer" from the packaging type dropdown menu)

Step 5. Create a receiving for your packaging. Once we receive your packaging and it's on-site at one of our facilities, we will then measure the inside dimensions of your packaging to determine what products can go inside and which ones cannot. 

Once the dimensions have been entered and locked in, you'll receive an email notification that your packaging has been set up at which point you can proceed to Step 5. 

Step 6. Choose how you want to include your custom packaging:

  • With Every Order
  • With Every Gift Order
  • With Selected SKU's

Then notify your Happiness Engineer, who will input those rules in our system. Our system will then automatically add the packaging to orders where the packaging is appropriate (the order fits inside the package and obeys the parameters you set for which SKUs can go in). 

Should you have multiple types of custom packaging, the system will place your products in the smallest custom packaging available. Should the system determine that no types of custom packaging will fit your order,  ShipMonk will package your order in default ShipMonk packaging.

You're done! Please check our FAQ in the next section for additional information that could help you


1. Can ShipMonk help me source custom packaging?

Yes! If you're looking for help sourcing your custom packaging, we work with a few manufacturers and would be happy to help you in picking the right one and getting a quote. 

For more information on custom packaging sourcing, reach out to your Happiness Engineer.