I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

When we reconcile your costs for shipping with what was charged by the carrier, most often what you were quoted in the order details reflects what was charged by the carrier. Your period adjustments should equal zero; however, sometimes this is not the case. 

When the quote we charge you for shipping varies from what was actually charged by the carrier, we will either need to bill you for additional fees if you were undercharged, or credit your account if you were overcharged. These adjustments can be found in the "Period Adjustments" section of the billing portal.

Period adjustments are usually indicative of some form of greater error needing resolution. We recommend you look at the orders associated with the period adjustments to search for the errors that led to the adjustments. 

Generally, period adjustments occur for (but not limited to) the following reasons:

  • Item weights-and-dims are incorrect
    • Generally an issue with weights-and-dims will result in a larger frequency and trend of period adjustments as multiple orders will be affected by this error. Be sure to notice if there's a trend of products appearing in orders with period adjustments as they might be the culprit.
  • Missing items in orders 
    • Results in a credit to your account because of the reduced weight of the package
  • Extra items in orders
    • If too many items were picked this will result in a heavier, larger package and thus increase your cost above what was initially quoted resulting in a fee
  • Item mispicks
    • Could results in a credit or fee to your account depending on the weight of the mispicked item
  • Incorrect packaging
    • If packaging was used which was too large, this could raise dimensional weight and result in a higher cost in shipping than was initially quoted by our system. This will result in a period adjustment of a fee for the difference.
    • Similarly, if smaller packaging was used, this will reduce the dimensional weight and result in a period adjustment of a credit to your account. It's best though you investigate why smaller packaging was used as this could be indicative of a bigger issue such as an item mispick or a missing item in your order. 

If you have any questions regarding period adjustments on your account, you can contact your Happiness Engineer who will help you get to the bottom of why they are occurring and help you come to a resolution. 

II. Instructions

Step 1.  Click on the "Account Balance" button on the navigation bar to access the "Billing Portal".

Step 2. Select an invoice for a given billing period by either clicking directly on the row (as demonstrated in the GIF below) or clicking "Details". 

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and below the Invoice Summary, there's a billing section which categorically displays all the individual charges and credits to your account. In the navigation for that section, click "Period Adjustments." This will then display all the individual period adjustments for that billing period. 

The order numbers for that period adjustment are referenced and hyperlinked for easy viewing access. As mentioned in the introduction, it's best to review your period adjustments and understand why they occurred in the first place to correct any potential problems in your account as your period adjustments should be zero.

You're done! As mentioned in the introduction, if you are confused as to why period adjustments are appearing in your account, contact your Happiness Engineer who will help assist you in finding a resolution.