While they're very easy to confuse, disabling a SKU and blacklisting a SKU are two VERY DIFFERENT settings.

Blacklisting a SKU

What does blacklisting a SKU do?

Blacklisting a SKU informs the system to remove a SKU from an order then the order processes as normal. 

Why would someone want to blacklist SKUs?

Some orders from your store might contain SKUs for products we don't fulfill for you or are virtual and don't exist physically (e-books, coupons, etc). Regardless, when our system receives your order we will ALSO receive the SKUs for the products we don't handle. 

To prevent unnecessary delays in fulfilling your order, we ask that all SKUs that are Virtual Products (e-books, coupons, etc) or products that are not fulfilled through ShipMonk be blacklisted on our system so we know NOT to look for them during our fulfillment process.

CLICK HERE for instructions on Blacklisting SKUs

Disabling a SKU

What does disabling a SKU do?

When you disable a SKU, it prompts the system to no longer recognize the SKU under any circumstances. 

Any order containing that SKU after it gets disabled gets moved to "Action Required" and does not get fulfilled.

Why would someone want to disable a SKU?

Disabling a SKU is used most often when retiring a SKU that's no longer needed. Disabling a SKU removes that SKU from your list of "active" SKUs 

You would disable a SKU instead of blacklisting because blacklisting would simply ignore the SKU and allow the rest of the order to be fulfilled. 

CLICK HERE for instructions on Disabling SKUs