I. Introduction

II. Instructions


I. Introduction

What is product serialization? 

Serial numbers are important for tracking specific units and which customers they end up with. ShipMonk offers a feature for product serialization to track serial numbers, however, it's a special feature and must be activated prior to use. 

How does it work?

When product serialization is enabled, serial numbers are scanned at packaging and included in the details for your customers' orders. 

II. Instructions

Step 1. Contact your Happiness Engineer and inform them that you want to activate product serialization. 

You'll need to provide them the format for your serial numbers (letters, numbers, how many digits, etc). This ensures that we scan the correct barcode at the packaging station.

Step 2. Your Happiness Engineer will then get in touch with the tech team to enable product serialization on your account and provide them your serial number format. 

Step 3. You'll receive confirmation from your Happiness Engineer that product serialization has been activated at which point your last step is to simply verify that it's working. Serial numbers will now be scanned at packaging and included in the details for your customers' orders.

To view serial numbers in ShipMonk, check your "Order Details" pages and in the "Packaging and Shipping" section" look at "Serial Numbers". This is where your serial numbers should be appearing for each order.


1. Can we scan serial numbers upon receiving?

Not at the moment, however, you can have your supplier inform you which serial numbers are coming specific shipment so you can let us know at which point we wouldn't have to scan them. 

2. Do we scan serial numbers for wholesale orders?

No. At the moment we do not.