Step 1. On the homepage of your Shopify store, click on “Settings” then click on “Shipping”. 

Step 2. In Shipping, scroll down to "Shipping zones". You should have your zones created already for Step 3. If not, visit Shopify’s guide to learn how to prepare your shipping zones. 

For this guide, we’ll be creating shipping methods for Domestic US orders.

Step 3. For the purpose of this tutorial, we want to create a Standard Shipping method in Shopify that’s mapped to FedEx SmartPost in ShipMonk.

To have our prices on Shopify be as accurate as possible to what’s quoted in ShipMonk, we’ll collect FedEx SmartPost quotes from New York (Zip Code: 10001) and California ( Zip Code: 90210). We can use ShipMonk’s shipping calculator to get some sample quotes and access it by clicking on “Calculator” in the navigation panel on the ShipMonk App portal (top-right photo below). 

Our sample product is packaged in a box that’s 10x8x4 inches and for weight, we’re collecting quotes in 1lb increments. Be sure when doing this to do so using your products package dimensions. 

After completing this step, we wound up with the spreadsheet in the bottom-right of the set of images above. 

Step 4. With the spreadsheet of quotes completed, we can continue to set up in Shopify. 

For this tutorial, because the quotes for shipments from our FL warehouse to California vary only slightly compared to the quotes to New York, we’re going to use the California pricing for our set up. 

Our shipments for this example weigh typically between 1lb - 16lbs so we’re going to create Standard Shipping methods in Shopify using weight-based rates in 1lb increments for accuracy. Any order above 16lbs will get charged a $30 flat rate

*NOTE* This tutorial is a technical showcase. How you choose to set pricing for your store will depend on what you feel is proper for your specific business.

Step 5. Now we need to map the methods we just created on ShipMonk. To do that, on your ShipMonk app portal, hover over the Settings gear on the top right-hand corner and click on “Stores”. 

Then find your Shopify store in the list and click on “View”.

Step 6. Scroll down to “Edit Shipping Mapping” and click on “Add new”. Once there, type in your Shopify shipping method EXACTLY as it appears on Shopify in the “Requested shipping service from marketplace” box. 

Then add your shipping method of choice, in this case, FedEx SmartPost. 

For this example, we’ll be choosing FedEx SmartPost and adding it to the “Domestic” section since these methods are for US orders only

Complete this step for each method in your Shopify store. When you’re complete, it should look like the image below. Notice also that a mistake was made during the process. Since you cannot change the name or delete a mapping in ShipMonk, you will have to create a new mapping with the correct name of the method on Shopify. 

You’re Done! Now that your methods are set in Shopify and mapped to ShipMonk, you’re ready to take orders and enjoy ShipMonk’s fully-automated order processing.