We know that withdrawal orders from Amazon and other retailers can be quite the headache. As they typically refuse to prepare the shipments to follow our Receiving Guidelines, we need to count and sort the SKUs that come in with each shipment as a part of the withdrawal. To minimize the Special Project Receiving fees and ensure that the process goes as seamless as possible we ask that you take the following steps:

1. Create receiving(s) for each of the SKU(s) that will be withdrawn from the retailer with the total number of units of each SKU as the expected quantity. Make sure to limit each Receiving to a single SKU so we need to do is count the number of units in the box and cross-reference the packing list included rather than having to sort and count the units when we receive them.

2. Create individual withdrawal orders on the retailer's platform for each SKU being withdrawn and use the corresponding ASN number from your created Receivings in the "Company" line of the shipping address.

3. Notify your Happiness Engineer that the Receiving(s) have been created and the withdrawal order(s) placed so that they can alert our Receiving team.