Your ShipMonk account will have one store for each of your eCommerce platforms and one for your manual orders. Within the store there are a number of settings that you can adjust to best suit your needs.

Delay Marketplace Notifications- Custom Time Lapse between the order's shipping label being created and the order being as marked as fulfilled with the tracking number uploaded.

Location (Shopify Only)- You can set up multiple locations in your Shopify store so that you can track inventory and fulfill orders at your locations. Your locations can be retail stores, warehouses, popups, dropshippers, or any other place where you manage or stock inventory. With multiple locations, you have better visibility into your inventory across your business. You can change the location from which orders are fulfilled and inventory depleted from by changing the location within your ShipMonk Shopify store. See more about Locations in Shopify here. (If you use more than one ShipMonk Warehouse please note that we can only update one location within Shopify)

Inventory Sync (Available for Shopify, Cratejoy, and Skubana)- ShipMonk can automatically update your ShipMonk inventory levels with Shopify every 3 hours. Activating "Inventory Sync" will ensure that your stocking levels are accurate and that you don't oversell product that is no longer in-stock or to properly manage backorders. See more information here. 

Submit Orders Automatically- By turning this on orders are automatically moved from "Processing" to "Submitted for Fulfillment" following the Submit Delay, otherwise orders would remain in Processing until manually moved.


                    Submit Delay- The amount of time an order is held in Processing if Submit Orders Automatically is turned on.

Include Packing Slips- The choice to have packing slips included in all orders.

Abandon undeliverable DHL eCommerce Lightweight 1-16 oz packages- If checked any Domestic order under 1lb and weight and shipped via a DHL eCommerce will be abandoned rather than being returned to sender in the event that the order is undeliverable.

Enable Gift Messages- If checked the gift messages will be turned on for the store. See more details here.

Shipper Name on Shipping Labels- By default the company name on the return address of all outbound shipments will be the account name. If you would like it to list something else you can edit this field.

Ship From Address- This is the Return Address printed on all outbound orders from this store. By default it will be the warehouse from which the order shipped, if you would like this edited please contact your Happiness Engineer.

Return To Address- This is the address printed on all return shipping labels generated for Returns for orders from this store. By default it will be the warehouse from which the order shipped, if you would like this edited please contact your Happiness Engineer.

Auto-Merge- This enables the automatic merging of multiple orders being shipped to the same recipient. Learn more about Auto Merge here.

Import Refunded Orders as Processing (Available for Cratejoy)- If checked all fully refunded orders are imported as processing, otherwise those that have been fully refunded are canceled. (Partially refunded proceed as normal.)